DISS Program Management

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Complete DISS Program Management

Managing DISS accounts can be confusing, frustrating and overwhelming with all the management needs and tracking of employees, training and clearance requirements.

Ebiz becomes your single point of contact for all your DISS management, allowing you to focus on your company. 

Our DISS program management including the annual security training for cleared employees is provided to all companies. 

DISS Management was invaluable in preparing the secretary and I to get as far as we did in short order, plus the DSS agent spoke very highly of him.

Ebiz provides a single point of contact between the DISS Program Management Office and your business.

What’s in our complete DISS account management & support?

Ebiz DISS Management includes Industrial Security & Insider Threat Training for all cleared employees

Interactive Training and Printable Certificates

Removing the FSO’s administrative burden and required annual training.

Ebiz DISS Management informs the POC or FSO (or both) with updates on training, student status, and print outs of completion reports at anytime.

32 Code of Federal Regulation Part 117, NISPOM Compliant Training

All online training is compliant to government initial and annual refresher training requirements for cleared facilities
Updated yearly, the JPAS Management and online refresher training allows your company to be stress free when it comes to compliance and training requirements.

Why is Ebiz DISS Management and Support Better?

DISS management and FSO responsibilities

Ebiz is responsible for compliance with and operation of DISS for your business as well as tracking training of cleared employees.

We provide necessary paperwork and statistics to DISS upon request and manage the Consulting on Facility Security Officer (FSO) responsibilities.

Our management provides the single point of contact between the DISS Program and your business.

Keeping you up to date on your employees training

Managing training for cleared personnel in the company can be hard and often times frustrating. 

Ebiz DISS Management manages employees and updates the FSO. 

Keep up with the yearly training, have certification of completed training and add employees when you need.

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