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Items included in our Possessing Self-Inspection Program:

  • INSPECTpros offers first-time training for your possessing facility self-inspection.
  • Your possessing self-inspection remains in a secure database, which is retrievable for the next annual self-inspection.
  • NISPOM self-inspection compliant. The self-inspection meets the Enhancement Definition and Intent – Category 6: Contractor Self-Review: “Contractors sustain a thorough, impactful review of their security posture. Intent of this category is to encourage cleared contractors to maintain an effective, on-going self-review program to analyze and identify any threats or vulnerabilities within their program and coordinate with DSS to address those issues prior to the annual assessment.”
  • All data and files are secured, backed up, and encrypted in our database powered Bluestone Software.
  • Before your on-site DSS inspection, we can help your FSO with any questions.
  • Call us during your DSS inspection with any questions you might have or need help with.

Possessing Cleared Facility Online Self-Inspection

The Defense Security Service (DSS) requires each Possessing Cleared Facility to undergo a Self-Inspection. EBIZ offers an easy to use Online Self-Inspection Program that satisfies all of the DSS requirements. 

InspectPros - Possessing Cleared Facility Online Self-InspectionEBIZ LLC has a division called INSPECTpros that handles the data elements and procedure workflows to prepare your possessing facility self-inspection checklist through our Online portal.

Possessing Cleared Facility Online Self-Inspection Program:

  • Each procedure has a corresponding NISPOM reference to help guide you through the self-assessment.
  • Create and store your self-assessment documents and validating backup files for each line-item of the report.
  • Signatures of management coordination along with date verifications.
  • Each issue is highlighted for easy follow-up.
  • Multiple formats of completed self-assessment reports.
  • Reduce frustration for your Security Facility Officer and save time and money for your business!

Possessing Cleared Facility DSS Online Self-Inspection Price

  • Per Year / Per Facility
  • greencheck Phone support for your Online Self-Inspection
  • greencheck Mentoring for your DSS Inspection
  • greencheck NISPOM Self-Inspection Compliant
  • greencheck Self Inspection Reports available in multiple formats