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  • Learn how to be compliant with the new 32 Code of Federal Regulation Part 117, NISPOM requirements.

  • Learn how to combine your required Annual Refresher with the required Insider Threat Training.

  • Learn how to manage & track ONLINE all your employee’s trainings.

  • Learn how this can cost your company $45 per employee/year.

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2016 Insider Threat Training

The Purpose of the Insider Threat Program, according to Executive Order 13587, is to “Deter, Detect, and Mitigate” insiders that could cause damage to national security and your company.  How is your company going to do this?

Our Annual Security Training meets, and exceeds, the 32 Code of Federal Regulation Part 117, NISPOM standard for Insider Threat training.  This means you only need 1 training to meet both requirements!

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