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EBIZ is the Industrial Security Clearance Expert for businesses handling government contracts!

Industrial Security Clearance Support

EBIZ specializes in helping businesses successfully navigate the Industrial Security Clearance Program so they can work with government contracts. Many businesses are not large enough to merit a security person per se and yet have the same security requirements as larger companies.

By providing the interface between a small business and the government’s JPAS database and Defense Security Service’s (DSS) requirements (NISPOM), we allow you and your employees to concentrate on the core business and leave the ancillary, but critical industrial security clearance program work to us.

EBIZ helps cleared facilities and Facility Clearance Officers (FSOs) in three significant ways as they work with government contracts. They are:

  • ISTpros is our Industrial Security Training division that provides the required annual security clearance refresher training and derivative marking training for cleared facilities. We offer this through an intuitive online self-paced course. 

  • INSPECTpros is our Industrial Security Self-Inspection division. We provide your Facility Security Officer (FSO) with the needed procedure workflows and sophisticated data elements to prepare your facility self-inspection checklist so your employees can handle classified information while supporting government contracts. This is provided within an easy-to-use web-based portal

  • JPASpros is our full-service Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) division that supports all JPAS administration for your business. We provide a single point of contact between the JPAS Program Management Office and your business. We then mentor and walk you step-by-step through the JPAS process. 

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