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We provide annual online security training and single point of contact between the JPAS Program Management Office and your business.

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DISS Support and Industrial Security & Insider Threat Training

What’s in our complete interactive training program?

  • Required Insider Threat Training

  • Required Annual Refresher Security Training

  • Quizzes taken during the training

  • Printable Certificate of Completion

  • Report for DCSA Assessment reviews

  • A Security Quarterly Newsletter enhancing your program

  • Meets both 32 Code of Federal Regulation Part 117, NISPOM initial and annual refresher training requirements

There are two types of required training that are covered in our online refresher training

Pricing for Online Training

What’s in our full DISS account management?

  • Provide a single point of contact between the DISS System and your business

  • Responsible for compliance with and operation of DISs for your business

  • Initiate clearance processing and work with the employees through the conclusion of having their clearance adjudicated

  • Provide necessary paperwork and statistics to DCSA upon request

  • Consulting on Facility Security Officer (FSO) responsibilities

  • Initial registration with DISS, if not already set up

We provide a single point of contact between the DISS Program Management Office and your business.

Pricing for DISS Account Management

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